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Coffee Varieties


Pacas coffee, a distinct Arabica coffee variety, is celebrated in the world of coffee for its compact size and remarkable flavour profile. This variety is predominantly cultivated in Central American coffee-producing countries like El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala, often at elevations ranging from 900 to 1,700 meters above sea level. Pacas coffee is a testament to the harmonious interplay of genetics, soil, and altitude, resulting in a truly exceptional coffee experience.


Pacas coffee is renowned for its rich and diverse flavour profile. It often offers a medium body, a balanced acidity, and a combination of tasting notes that can include nutty, fruity, and chocolatey undertones. This versatility in flavour makes Pacas coffee a versatile choice for coffee producers seeking a variety that can deliver a range of taste experiences. Whether enjoyed as a single-origin or in blends, Pacas coffee has earned its place as a cherished option among coffee enthusiasts.


The flavour development of Pacas coffee is closely tied to the soil and geography of its growing regions. Central American soils, often volcanic and rich in minerals, provide the coffee plants with essential nutrients for flavour development. The varying altitudes and micro-climates in these regions contribute to the complexity of Pacas coffee. Whether grown in the higher altitudes of El Salvador or the lush valleys of Honduras, Pacas coffee consistently showcases its distinct and exceptional taste.


Pacas coffee thrives in the coffee-rich landscapes of Central America. In countries like El Salvador, it is particularly popular, with various regions contributing to its diverse cup profiles. Honduras and Guatemala also cultivate Pacas coffee, showcasing its adaptability to different altitudes and microclimates. Local coffee producers, known for their commitment to quality, have embraced this variety, crafting exceptional coffees that showcase the unique character of Pacas beans.


Pacas coffee has a notable history that began in El Salvador in the late 1940s when it was discovered as a natural mutation of the Bourbon variety. Named after the Pacas family, who owned the farm where the mutation was found, Pacas coffee quickly gained recognition for its compact growth, disease resistance, and, most importantly, its flavour quality. Over the decades, it has become an integral part of Central American coffee culture, with dedicated producers nurturing this compact treasure to deliver exceptional coffee to the world.

In conclusion, Pacas coffee is a testament to the exquisite flavours that can be found in compact treasures. Its rich and diverse flavour, influenced by genetics and growing conditions, continues to captivate coffee enthusiasts worldwide. With each cup, Pacas offers a taste of the commitment and craftsmanship of Central American coffee producers, showcasing the exceptional and versatile nature of this coffee variety.