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Coffee Varieties


Pacamara coffee, a notable Arabica coffee variety, stands out in the world of coffee for its remarkable flavor profile and unique genetic heritage. This variety is predominantly cultivated in Central American coffee-producing countries like El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua, often at elevations between 1,000 to 2,000 meters above sea level. Pacamara coffee embodies the essence of innovation and exceptional taste, making it a sought-after choice among coffee connoisseurs.


Pacamara coffee is celebrated for its bold and complex flavour profile. It often offers a full body, a bright acidity, and a rich combination of tasting notes. These notes can include fruity, floral, and spicy undertones, with hints of cocoa or nutmeg. This diversity in flavour makes Pacamara coffee an intriguing choice for those seeking a truly unique coffee experience. Its capacity to express different flavour profiles based on factors like growing region and processing methods adds to its allure.


The flavour development of Pacamara coffee is closely intertwined with the soil and geography of its growing regions. The volcanic soils prevalent in Central America, rich in minerals and nutrients, provide the coffee plants with essential elements for flavour development. The high altitudes, combined with the distinct micro-climates and rainfall patterns, contribute to the coffee's unique cup profile. Pacamara's ability to adapt to different soils and conditions while maintaining its exceptional flavour complexity is a testament to its genetic robustness.


Pacamara coffee thrives in the lush landscapes of Central America. In countries like El Salvador, where it is particularly popular, it is grown in various regions, each imparting its unique terroir to the beans. Guatemala and Nicaragua also have embraced this variety, showcasing its adaptability to different altitudes and climates. Local coffee producers, known for their dedication to quality, have recognised the potential of Pacamara coffee, making it a staple in the world of speciality coffee.


Pacamara coffee has a fascinating history that began in the mid-20th century when it was developed as a hybrid of two Arabica varieties: Pacas and Maragogipe. This hybridization aimed to combine the disease resistance of Pacas with the larger bean size of Maragogipe. The result was a coffee variety that not only excelled in size but also in flavor. Over time, Pacamara coffee gained recognition for its cup quality and adaptability, earning its place as a specialty coffee variety. Its legacy is a testament to the innovative spirit of coffee breeders and the dedication of coffee producers to craft exceptional coffee.

In conclusion, Pacamara coffee is a testament to the marriage of innovation and flavour diversity in the coffee world. Its bold and complex flavour, influenced by its genetic heritage and growing conditions, continues to captivate coffee enthusiasts worldwide. With each cup, Pacamara offers a taste of the ingenuity and dedication of coffee producers, showcasing the exceptional and diverse nature of coffee.