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Coffee Varieties


The Castillo coffee variety, celebrated for its unique blend of flavours and remarkable resilience, has become a cornerstone of Latin American coffee production. Its journey is one that intertwines flavour, geography, and history, creating a coffee profile as diverse as the landscapes in which it thrives.


The Castillo coffee variety is celebrated for its intriguing flavour profile, which combines a delightful balance of acidity and sweetness. When brewed, it offers a medium to full body, accompanied by hints of caramel and chocolate notes. Its vibrant acidity brings a touch of citrusy brightness, making it a favourite among coffee enthusiasts seeking a harmonious blend of flavours. The Castillo variety's unique taste profile makes it a versatile choice, ideal for both espresso lovers appreciating a rich, layered experience and those who prefer their coffee with a splash of milk, where its inherent sweetness shines through.


Castillo coffee plants exhibit remarkable resilience, thriving in a variety of soil types. However, they particularly flourish in well-drained soils rich in organic matter. These plants are often found nestled in the foothills of mountainous regions, where the altitude contributes to the slow ripening of cherries, enhancing their flavours. The synergy between the soil composition and the geographical features of these regions imparts unique characteristics to the Castillo beans, making them distinctive and sought after in the coffee market.


Castillo coffee plants thrive in the high-altitude regions of coffee-producing countries. Colombia, with its diverse microclimates, has embraced the Castillo variety, especially in regions like Huila and Cauca. Additionally, countries like Ecuador and some parts of Central America have found success in cultivating this resilient variety. Its ability to adapt to varying altitudes and climates has made it a popular choice among farmers in these regions, ensuring a consistent supply of high-quality beans year after year.


The Castillo coffee variety is a result of meticulous research and development aimed at creating a coffee plant resistant to common diseases, particularly the notorious coffee leaf rust. Developed by Cenicafe, Colombia's coffee research center, Castillo is a hybrid of various coffee varieties, combining their best traits. Released to farmers in the early 21st century, Castillo quickly gained popularity due to its disease resistance, high productivity, and exceptional cup quality. Its adoption marked a significant milestone in the coffee industry, ensuring sustainability for many farmers who were previously devastated by crop diseases.

In conclusion, Castillo coffee stands as a testament to the marriage of science and tradition in the world of coffee cultivation. Its ability to flourish in diverse environments while maintaining a superb flavour profile showcases the resilience and adaptability that are essential in the ever-changing coffee landscape. Whether enjoyed as a velvety espresso or a rich cappuccino, Castillo coffee offers a delightful experience, reflecting the expertise of farmers and the innovation of researchers. As it continues to grace cups around the globe, Castillo remains not only a symbol of progress in coffee farming but also a testament to the industry's dedication to preserving quality and flavour amid challenges.