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Coffee Varieties


Bourbon coffee, named after the island of Bourbon (now Réunion), is an Arabica coffee variety known for its exceptional sweetness and vibrant flavours. This variety thrives at elevations between 900 to 1,800 meters above sea level and is cultivated in various coffee-growing regions worldwide. The unique combination of soil, geography, and careful cultivation methods contributes to the distinctive taste of Bourbon coffee.


Bourbon coffee is celebrated for its exceptional sweetness and well-balanced flavour profile. It often features bright acidity, a smooth body, and a symphony of nuanced flavours. Tasting notes can include fruity undertones like berries and stone fruit, complemented by floral hints and a mild, pleasing acidity. This complex flavour profile is a testament to the meticulous care and craftsmanship involved in Bourbon coffee production.


The flavour development of Bourbon coffee is influenced by its growing conditions. Volcanic soils, rich in minerals, are often preferred for Bourbon cultivation. These soils provide the coffee plants with essential nutrients and contribute to the complexity of the coffee's taste. Additionally, the geography of the regions where Bourbon coffee is grown, including elevation and climate, further shape its flavour. The careful interplay of these factors is key to producing the vibrant, sweet, and nuanced cup characteristic of Bourbon coffee.


Bourbon coffee is cultivated in various coffee-producing regions across the globe. Its adaptability has led to its presence in countries like Brazil, El Salvador, Rwanda, and others. Each region imparts its own unique terroir to Bourbon coffee, resulting in diverse flavour profiles that coffee connoisseurs appreciate. Whether grown in the lush landscapes of Latin America or the rolling hills of Africa, Bourbon coffee consistently showcases its vibrant and distinctive character.


The Bourbon coffee variety has a storied history, with its name tracing back to the island of Bourbon (Réunion) in the Indian Ocean. It was first cultivated on this island in the early 18th century before being spread to other coffee-growing regions. Over the centuries, Bourbon coffee has gained recognition for its exceptional cup quality and adaptability to different climates. Its legacy is intertwined with the global coffee heritage, representing the dedication of coffee producers and the diverse landscapes where it is cultivated.

In conclusion, Bourbon coffee is a remarkable Arabica variety celebrated for its sweetness, well-balanced flavours, and adaptability. Whether grown in the heights of Latin American mountains or the hills of Africa, its nuanced taste profile reflects the harmonious interplay of soil, geography, and coffee cultivation expertise. Bourbon coffee continues to be cherished by coffee enthusiasts for its ability to deliver a symphony of flavours in every cup, a testament to its enduring legacy in the world of coffee.