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Coffee Varieties

Orange & Yellow Bourbon

Orange and Yellow Bourbon coffee, named for its colourful cherries and rich history, is an Arabica coffee variety predominantly cultivated in the coffee-growing regions of Central and South America, including Brazil and El Salvador. Grown at elevations ranging from 900 to 1,800 meters above sea level, this coffee variety offers a distinct and vibrant flavour profile that captures the essence of its heritage.


Orange and Yellow Bourbon coffee is celebrated for its vibrant and well-balanced flavour profile. It often features a bright acidity, a medium body, and tasting notes that include citrusy and fruity undertones. The orange and yellow cherries, from which it derives its name, contribute to its unique sweetness and lively cup. This variety's versatility in flavour makes it a sought-after choice among coffee producers, lending its character to both single-origin and blended coffees.


The flavour development of Orange and Yellow Bourbon coffee is intricately tied to the soil and geography of its growing regions. The volcanic soils, rich in minerals and nutrients, are often preferred for this variety, providing the coffee plants with essential elements for flavour development. The high altitudes and diverse micro-climates in these regions further enhance the coffee's distinctiveness. The combination of these factors, along with careful cultivation and processing, results in a coffee that embodies its heritage.


Orange and Yellow Bourbon coffee is primarily found in Central and South American coffee-producing countries. In Brazil, it is notably cultivated in the Sul de Minas and Cerrado regions. Additionally, you can find Orange & Yellow Bourbon coffee in countries like El Salvador, where it adapts to different micro-climates and elevations. Its adaptability to varying growing conditions has made it a prized asset among coffee producers seeking consistent quality.


Orange and Yellow Bourbon coffee has a rich history tracing back to its origins in the Bourbon variety, which itself has its roots in the Bourbon island of Réunion (formerly Bourbon). Over time, natural mutations and careful selections led to the development of cherries with distinctive orange and yellow hues. These cherries are known for their unique sweetness and flavour attributes. Orange and Yellow Bourbon coffee carries this heritage forward, embodying the dedication of coffee producers to craft a coffee that is both a nod to history and a celebration of flavour diversity.

In conclusion, Orange and Yellow Bourbon coffee is a vibrant and flavourful testament to the rich heritage of coffee cultivation in Central and South America. Its bright and balanced flavour profile, influenced by soil, altitude, and history, makes it a cherished choice among coffee enthusiasts. With each cup, Orange & Yellow Bourbon offers a taste of tradition and innovation, showcasing the colourful and delicious diversity of the coffee world.