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Coffee Varieties


Catuai coffee, often recognized for its compact growth habit, is an Arabica variety celebrated for its ability to thrive in various coffee-growing regions. It is primarily cultivated in Central and South America, including coffee powerhouses like Brazil, Honduras, and Colombia. Catuai's unique combination of adaptability and flavour has made it a favourite among coffee producers and enthusiasts.


Despite its smaller stature, Catuai coffee packs a flavourful punch. It is known for its bright acidity and a diverse flavour profile that often includes floral, citrus, and nutty notes. Its well-rounded taste and clean finish make it a versatile choice for both single-origin cups and blends. The adaptability of Catuai coffee to different climates and altitudes contributes to its ability to express a range of flavours.


The flavour development of Catuai coffee is influenced by the soil and geography of its growing regions. It often thrives in volcanic soils rich in minerals, providing the coffee plants with essential nutrients. The diverse landscapes, altitudes, and microclimates in countries where Catuai is cultivated contribute to the variety of flavours it can exhibit. From the mountainous regions of Colombia to the rolling hills of Brazil, Catuai's adaptability allows it to express the unique terroir of each location.


Catuai coffee is commonly found in Central and South American countries. In Brazil, it is a prevalent variety, thriving in various regions and altitudes. Catuai's adaptability to different climates and growing conditions has led to its widespread cultivation in countries like Honduras and Colombia as well. Its ability to produce high-quality beans in diverse environments has made it a staple for coffee producers seeking consistency and flavour diversity.


Catuai coffee has a relatively recent history, with the development of this hybrid variety dating back to the 20th century. It was created in Brazil through careful crossbreeding to address issues of compact growth and easier harvesting. Since its inception, Catuai has gained popularity for its productive nature and ability to produce high-quality beans. Its adaptability and flavour diversity have made it a valuable asset to coffee producers and a favourite among those who appreciate a flavourful and versatile cup of coffee.

In conclusion, Catuai coffee is a testament to the marriage of adaptability and flavour diversity in the world of coffee. Its compact growth habit and wide-ranging flavour profile make it a beloved choice for coffee producers and enthusiasts alike. Whether grown in the lush mountains of Colombia or the vast plantations of Brazil, Catuai consistently delivers a burst of flavour in every cup, showcasing the richness of coffee's diversity.