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Coffee Varieties


Yirgacheffe coffee, hailed as one of Ethiopia's finest offerings, is an Arabica coffee variety that thrives in the picturesque Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia. Grown at elevations ranging from 1,500 to 2,200 meters above sea level, this coffee's unique combination of soil, geography, and history results in a flavour profile that captivates coffee connoisseurs worldwide.


Yirgacheffe coffee is celebrated for its bright acidity, delicate body, and a flavour profile that reads like a sensory journey. With floral, tea-like aromas and tasting notes that often include citrus, bergamot, and jasmine, it offers a truly unique and enchanting cup. The coffee's vibrant and complex flavours are a testament to the meticulous cultivation and traditional processing methods that are deeply rooted in the Yirgacheffe region's coffee heritage.


The flavour development of Yirgacheffe coffee is closely tied to the unique soil and geography of its growing region. The rich, fertile soils of Yirgacheffe are often infused with minerals from volcanic activity. These soils, combined with the region's high altitudes and abundant rainfall, provide the coffee plants with essential nutrients and the perfect environment to flourish. The result is coffee beans that carry the distinct characteristics of the region's terroir.


Yirgacheffe coffee is primarily found in the Gedeo Zone of Ethiopia's Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People's Region. The region's high altitudes, lush landscapes, and distinct microclimates create the ideal conditions for cultivating this exceptional coffee variety. The coffee is typically grown by smallholder farmers who have inherited generations of coffee farming knowledge, contributing to Yirgacheffe's renowned quality.


Yirgacheffe coffee has a rich history dating back centuries to the birthplace of coffee in Ethiopia. The Yirgacheffe region has long been celebrated for its coffee cultivation, with traditional methods passed down through generations. This coffee's unique flavour profile, with its floral and citrus notes, has attracted global attention, making Yirgacheffe one of Ethiopia's most renowned coffee regions. Its legacy is intertwined with Ethiopia's deep coffee culture and its role as the birthplace of Arabica coffee.

In conclusion, Yirgacheffe coffee is a testament to the magic that can happen when soil, geography, and tradition come together in the world of coffee. Its bright and enchanting flavours, coupled with its rich history, make it a cherished gift from Ethiopia to coffee enthusiasts worldwide. With each cup, Yirgacheffe offers a taste of the birthplace of coffee and a journey through the lush landscapes of the Yirgacheffe region.