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Coffee Varieties

Pink Bourbon

Pink Bourbon coffee, a distinct Arabica coffee variety, has garnered attention for its unique flavour profile and colourful cherries. This coffee is primarily cultivated in South American coffee-producing countries such as Colombia and Ecuador, where it thrives at elevations ranging from 1,200 to 2,000 meters above sea level. With its vibrant taste and captivating history, Pink Bourbon coffee has become a celebrated choice among coffee connoisseurs.


Pink Bourbon coffee is renowned for its exceptional flavour, often described as bright, fruity, and floral. It offers a medium to high acidity, a silky body, and tasting notes that can include red berries, floral undertones, and a pleasant sweetness reminiscent of caramel or honey. The distinctive pink cherries, from which it derives its name, are known for their unique sweetness and contribute to the coffee's vibrant cup. Pink Bourbon coffee's remarkable flavour complexity makes it a sought-after variety for those seeking a truly unique coffee experience.


The flavour development of Pink Bourbon coffee is closely tied to the soil and geography of its growing regions. Volcanic soils, rich in minerals, are often preferred for this variety, providing the coffee plants with essential nutrients. The high altitudes, consistent rainfall, and misty mornings in regions where Pink Bourbon is cultivated create an ideal environment for its unique flavour to flourish. The harmony between soil and climate, coupled with the dedication of coffee producers, is key to the coffee's exceptional taste.


Pink Bourbon coffee finds its home in the coffee-producing regions of South America, with Colombia and Ecuador being notable growing locations. In Colombia, it is cultivated in various regions, including Huila and Nariño, while in Ecuador, it thrives in the Loja and Zamora-Chinchipe provinces. The adaptability of Pink Bourbon coffee to different elevations and climates has allowed it to flourish in these diverse South American landscapes. Local coffee producers, often smallholders, have embraced this variety for its exceptional cup quality.


Pink Bourbon coffee has a relatively recent history, with its discovery dating back to the late 20th century in Colombia. It is a natural mutation of the traditional Red Bourbon coffee variety, characterised by its pink cherries. Over time, Pink Bourbon has gained recognition for its captivating flavour, setting it apart as a specialty coffee variety. Its legacy is intertwined with the dedication of coffee producers who have embraced this unique coffee, celebrating its distinctiveness in the world of specialty coffee.

In conclusion, Pink Bourbon coffee is a remarkable and unique gem in the world of coffee, offering a captivating flavour experience that reflects the harmony of soil, climate, and tradition. Its bright and vibrant flavour, influenced by its pink cherries, continues to captivate coffee enthusiasts worldwide. With each cup, Pink Bourbon provides a taste of the dedication and innovation of coffee producers, showcasing the colourful and delicious diversity of the coffee world.