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Coffee Varieties

Ruiru 11

Ruiru 11 coffee, an Arabica coffee variety known for its resilience and adaptability, is primarily cultivated in East African coffee-producing countries, with Kenya and Tanzania being notable growing regions. Thriving at elevations ranging from 1,200 to 2,100 meters above sea level, Ruiru 11 coffee embodies the spirit of innovation and determination in the face of coffee diseases, making it a valuable addition to the coffee world.


Ruiru 11 coffee is recognised for its balanced and versatile flavour profile. It often offers a medium body, a moderate acidity, and tasting notes that can include a combination of nutty, fruity, and herbal undertones. While it may not exhibit the vibrant acidity of some other East African coffee varieties, Ruiru 11's adaptability to varying climates and soils allows it to maintain consistent flavour quality. This adaptability makes it a reliable choice for coffee producers seeking a variety that can flourish even in challenging conditions.


The flavour development of Ruiru 11 coffee is closely linked to the soil and geography of its growing regions. East African soils, often varying from region to region, provide the coffee plants with unique minerals and nutrients that influence the flavour. The diverse altitudes and micro-climates further contribute to the coffee's adaptability and flavour complexity. Ruiru 11's ability to thrive in different environments while maintaining a reliable cup profile is a testament to its resilience.


Ruiru 11 coffee is predominantly grown in East African coffee-producing countries. In Kenya, it has gained recognition for its disease resistance, particularly against coffee berry disease and leaf rust. Tanzania also cultivates this variety, showcasing its ability to adapt to different altitudes and micro-climates. Local coffee producers appreciate Ruiru 11 for its reliability and the security it provides against common coffee diseases, ensuring a consistent coffee supply.


Ruiru 11 coffee has a significant history rooted in the need to combat coffee diseases. It was developed in Kenya as part of ongoing efforts to create coffee varieties with increased resistance to pests and diseases. Named after the Coffee Research Foundation's Ruiru station, where it was extensively researched and developed, Ruiru 11 has since become a valuable asset to coffee producers in East Africa. Its legacy is a testament to the determination of researchers and farmers to secure the future of coffee production in the region by overcoming the challenges posed by coffee diseases.

In conclusion, Ruiru 11 coffee is a resilient and adaptable variety that plays a crucial role in safeguarding coffee production in East Africa. Its balanced flavour profile, adaptability, and disease resistance make it a dependable choice for coffee producers facing diverse challenges. With each cup, Ruiru 11 offers a taste of innovation and determination, showcasing the importance of resilient coffee varieties in ensuring a thriving coffee industry.